The Neighborhood Ball

I’m really enjoying The Neighborhood Ball. Within the first fifty minutes, America was treated to dueling divas. As much as I like Mariah Carey’s “Hero,” Beyonce got the best of her with her sublime performance of “At Last.” President Obama brandished his community organizing credentials when he talked about building neighborhoods across the country.

As for the presence of Queen Latifah, it’s bringing back some very fond memories I have of President Clinton’s inauguration in 1992. Following her performance at the inaugural afterparty at the Old Post Office, I got to congratulate her and chat about the incoming administration.

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2 Responses to “The Neighborhood Ball”

  1. coffee Says:

    The inauguration ceremony // after party looked like quite a get-together — i’m sorry i missed it

  2. Dave Newman Says:

    I worked that 1992 bash! It was called “The Party After the Ball” and went til about 4 a.m. In addition to Queen Latifah, we also had Marky Mark, C.C. Pennison and Salt-n-Peppa (I think). It was over the top and I think the Post Office prohibited any use of the space soon afterward. I remember using a urinal next to Henry Winkler… wild & bizarre. Every person who attended seems to have a great story involving a celebrity!

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