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Eat Well at b.good

February 10, 2008

b.good sampling

Now, almost six weeks after New Year’s resolutions were made, here’s a tip to make it just a little bit easier. Check out b.good at one of four locations, Newbury Street, Back Bay, Harvard Square and Harvard Street in Brookline.

Ever since I walked out of the Bread & Circus on Prospect Street at age 13 and found that the chocolate chip cookie I had just bought was really filled with carob chips, I’ve been extremely skeptical of “health” food. But many strides have been made since then in serving food that is both tasty and healthy. B.good is at the happy forefront of this trend.

I ate there on successive days last month. The first day I ordered a West Side burger, which comes with avocado, cilantro, tomato and chipotle salsa, and stir fried vegetables, a meal, calculating from the nutritional information the restaurant posted, that consisted of only 583 calories. I left satisfied but wanting to come back. I liked it so much I brought the Fabulous Dana and her mother, who was in visiting Boston from Pittsburgh. That day I had the el guapo, a bacon jalapeno burger, with the oven-crisped fries. Everybody loved it. We also drank some delicious shakes.

Two things impressed me most about the food at b.good. The first was the outstanding quality of the burger itself. B.good obtains lean steaks and then grinds the meat every day into hamburger the day it is packed and cooked. In fact, what I tasted was far superior to what I had eaten at the restaurant’s Back Bay branch when it first opened. My understanding is that the restaurant came up with its current way of making its hamburgers after a process of trial and error. Well, whatever they did, it worked.The second thing that really makes b.good so terrific is that they offer a delicious whole wheat roll made specially for them by Quinzanzi. The roll had a mild wheat taste, a far cry from what I used to get from that Bread & Circus in Cambridge next to my father’s apartment.

B.good joins Uburger at offering freshly-made fast food. Uburger’s focus is more exclusively on taste and not on health; the french fries, for example, are fried, although it’s possible to eat healthily there. B.good, in turn, provides the best tasting healthy food I’ve ever had.Public health advocates say that healthy eating over the long-term is a lifestyle choice. I don’t quite know about that. To me, taste is important too. Places like b.good make it easy to eat right and fulfill those January 1 resolutions.