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Updates: Local and National

February 6, 2008

Now, with the results in, several have pointed out that Obama actually won Boston. Even with the margin, you’ve still got to credit McGovern in Worcester and Menino in Boston. Clinton won Worcester by more than 30 points and cleaned up throughout central Massachusetts. But Obama’s margin in Boston was just 8%, a fall smaller margin of victory than Patrick’s more than 20 point win in 2006. Left alone, Obama should have won huge in Boston. What would have happened, it’s fair to ask, without the mayor’s organization here?

Given the strong showing of Mike Huckabee, we now have conclusive evidence that Mitt Romney’s much-trumpeted address on religion failed. However Romney hoped Evangelical Christians would react to him, it didn’t work. It may not have been the only factor, but it’s hard to dismiss anti-Mormon sentiment in one of the factors in Romney’s performance in the South.

Finally, I have to credit the press, but it came late. Chuck Todd of MSNBC delivered a compelling and convincing delegate breakdown long after midnight, that had Obama winning the entire night by just four delegates. Wow! This couldn’t have presented earlier, because it wasn’t possible any earlier. He really broke it down.

Here are updated delegate results.

Menino and McGovern Come Through for Hillary Clinton in MA

February 6, 2008

Now that Massachusetts is being called for Hillary Clinton, credit has to go to Mayor Menino and Congressman McGovern who collectively have the best political operations in New England. National pundits, in a tizzy over Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama, overlooked the support of McGovern, whose organization in central Massachusetts is so strong. Even further overlooked was Mayor Menino, whom I’ve always said, has the strongest political organization east of New York City.

The results also have to be viewed as a rebuke to Deval Patrick, who failed to deliver MA to his ally Barack Obama.