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Mitt Romney Not Likely To Run In 2012

November 8, 2008

Charley Manning, a longtime friend and advisor of Mitt Romney, had some very interesting things to say about the political future of the former Massachusetts governor today. Manning served as a consultant on Romney’s 1994 campaign for senate, his 2002 campaign for governor as well as the presidential campaign and remains close to him. For the last several weeks, I’ve been appearing with Manning on the Hank Morse Show on 96.9 FM-talk, WTKK.

Today’s show began with a discussion of The Boston Herald’s story implicating pro-Romney forces in the distribution of leaks unfavorable to Sarah Palin. After saying he would never hire the type of people who would leak negative information about a campaign they had just worked on, Manning gave his opinion on what Romney might do.

“I’d be surprised if Mitt ever ran again for president…I sure don’t think it was the best experience of his life,” Manning said. Manning cited the disappointment Romney experienced in hearing the level of anti-Mormon bias in the Republican primaries. “There are other things he can do,” Manning asserted.

Would Romney Have Helped More In New Hampshire?

September 4, 2008

Jeremy Jacobs of PolitickerMA has an interesting piece speculating on whether John McCain would have done better in the key swing state of New Hampshire with Mitt Romney as his running mate.

And, since McCain passed over former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney, some are questioning whether Palin will help McCain more in New Hampshire, a potential swing state, than Romney would have.

Several said that while Romney is the former executive of neighboring Massachusetts and came in second with 31 percent of the vote in this year’s primary, McCain’s fate in New Hampshire is in his own hands.

He also quotes me:

“Given the rigorous time demands on a presidential candidate’s time, McCain will need surrogates,” said Seth Gitell, a Boston political analyst and author of “Romney will be an important one for McCain in New Hampshire.”

Giuliani’s Valedictory

September 4, 2008

Where Romney’s speech hurt him, Rudy Giuliani’s soared. His tone was on, and the former New York mayor, who is also an opera aficionado, was theatrical in his critique of Barack Obama. Where was this guy back in November and December when the nomination was there for the taking?

The Romney Speech

September 4, 2008

I’m very surprised by Mitt Romney’s speech tonight. He was way, way too hot for television, which, we all know, is a cool medium. I don’t think in my 8 years of covering Romney and watching him as a close political observer, I ever saw him shout. He’s best when he slowly builds a case and uses logic and facts to marshall a case.

It’s not that Romney delivered a conservative speech. It’s that he delivered a dumb conservative speech filled with unwieldy metaphors to “steroids” and “weed wacker[s]”. Some of his comments in New Hampshire critical of the House and Senate leadership were sharp as was this attack of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama: “In the case of the three Democratic front-runners, none of them has managed a corner store, let alone a state or a city or an enterprise of the nature of the United States.”

I’d go so far as to say that Romney dumbed his speech down for his audience. That doesn’t explain his hollering, however. He’ll have to do better if he hopes to be the 2012 nominee should McCain lose.

Palin Problem

August 29, 2008

I’ve just gotten off a plane filled with many members of Boston’s political scene and am just now able to give my reaction to the Palin pick, which I learned about on a bus filled with delegates this morning.

To me, it’s a desperate and reckless pick. The Republicans seem to be ready to throw away their best argument, experience, for the novelty of somebody new. While I acknowledge that it’s a change election, I still believe somebody ready to president, such as Mitt Romney, would have been a better decision.

Other than the two nominees and a couple others, I’m wondering who the GOP can put forward next week to promote their candidate. As for the politically-toxic President Bush — whose remarks will come dangerously close to the Hurricane Katrina anniversary — I would have had him speak at around 7:15 ET, just after the Mayor of St. Paul, not on prime time.

Gitell on Minnesota Public Radio

July 25, 2008

Listen to my appearance on Minnesota Public Radio by clicking here. Hosted by Kerri Miller, the show also featured Ross Douthat of The Atlantic Monthly. Douthat is also the author of Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream. Topics included Barack Obama’s Berlin speech, the meandering campaign of John McCain and potential vice presidential picks.

Best Republican Ticket: John McCain and Mitt Romney

July 15, 2008

Mitt Romney’s tenacity coupled with the increasing focus on the economy lead me to believe he’s the best choice as John McCain’s potential running mate — even though McCain obviously loathes him. I write the following in my New York Sun column.

“The answer to many of Mr. McCain’s problems is looming in plain, uncomfortable sight: He needs a running mate who can immediately infuse the campaign with energy, a fluid surrogate who can hammer away at Mr. Obama, stay focused, not lose his cool, and, most of all, an economic expert, who can negate, if not reverse, the Democrat’s perceived advantage in the areas of jobs and growth. The man who possesses those qualities is the same person who got under Mr. McCain’s skin during the primary fight — Mitt Romney.

To suggest that Messrs. McCain and Romney present an unlikely team is obvious to any observer of Republican politics. Mr. McCain speaks his mind and is even caustic in public; the former Massachusetts governor is smooth to the point of being slick. Mr. McCain, in both actions and appearance, is gritty, gutsy, and courageous; Mr. Romney, with his telegenic hair and shirt and tie ensembles, evokes a 1950s anchorman-like android quality.

Mr. McCain spent much time abroad in the 1960s as a prisoner of war in a North Vietnamese prison camp; Mr. Romney attempted to proselytize on behalf of his Mormon faith in the French countryside during the same period. Mr. McCain is a self-described computer “illiterate” who relies on his wife to help him online; Mr. Romney’s preferred method of presentation is computerized power point. These disparate qualities, when fused together in the odd alchemy of ticket politics, add up to a notable combination.”

Updates: Local and National

February 6, 2008

Now, with the results in, several have pointed out that Obama actually won Boston. Even with the margin, you’ve still got to credit McGovern in Worcester and Menino in Boston. Clinton won Worcester by more than 30 points and cleaned up throughout central Massachusetts. But Obama’s margin in Boston was just 8%, a fall smaller margin of victory than Patrick’s more than 20 point win in 2006. Left alone, Obama should have won huge in Boston. What would have happened, it’s fair to ask, without the mayor’s organization here?

Given the strong showing of Mike Huckabee, we now have conclusive evidence that Mitt Romney’s much-trumpeted address on religion failed. However Romney hoped Evangelical Christians would react to him, it didn’t work. It may not have been the only factor, but it’s hard to dismiss anti-Mormon sentiment in one of the factors in Romney’s performance in the South.

Finally, I have to credit the press, but it came late. Chuck Todd of MSNBC delivered a compelling and convincing delegate breakdown long after midnight, that had Obama winning the entire night by just four delegates. Wow! This couldn’t have presented earlier, because it wasn’t possible any earlier. He really broke it down.

Here are updated delegate results.

Seth Gitell on Super Tuesday NECN

February 5, 2008

Watch my Super Tuesday analysis here on NECN.

Romney May Be Nominee

January 29, 2008

After losing Iowa and New Hampshire, many here in Massachusetts had Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign written off for dead. Today with a win or a close finish in Florida, he will be in a two-man race for the Republican nomination. Here’s a brief look at his resurgence.