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Sick Phishing Scheme Preys on Our Service Men and Women

February 15, 2007

Phishing schemes typically lay outside the domain of the website. There are plenty of good websites that address this, such as Snopes. However, I got one today that just turned my stomach.

It was a typical phishing e-mail complete with the Bank of America logo and headed “Possible Identity Theft”. The e-mail asks you to click on the link below and then supply your user name and password, which these banks, Bank of America included, will never do. Further evidence that this is a phishing scheme is the url of the supposed Bank of America link: “”

But here’s the sick part. The scheme is targeting members of the “Bank Of America Military Bank”. On the link, you even see a photo of soldiers in fatigues.The real Bank of America Military Bank allows our Service Men and Women to bank when they’re away from their families, on-base or overseas.

This is absolutely one of the most reprehensible e-mail frauds I have ever seen. Here our men and women are putting their lives on the line, fighting and dying for their country, and some sickie thinks it’s a really neat way to make money over the internet. I’m appalled and hope that authorities punish these perpetrators accordingly.