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View from NH

July 24, 2007

I’ve been writing about the New Hampshire primary quite a bit over the last couple weeks and haven’t gotten to posting on it. On the Republican side, the consensus thinking there is that as long as John McCain has enough money to get to the Granite State and campaign personally, he can survive. There’s no question that the circumstances for McCain in New Hampshire are a far cry from where he was in 2000 when he won the state. But New Hampshire still hinges on voters personal contact with candidate. Here’s a piece I wrote last week about McCain’s viability there.

I was present at Sunday’s breakfast in Nashua with local Republicans. This was the gathering at which Mitt Romney likened Hillary Clinton’s economic views to Karl Marx. Here’s my take on it. Remember Romney was talking to die hard Republicans. I quote some of them in my story.

Finally, Romney’s been using an anecdote to conclude many of his speeches that highlights America’s exceptionalism. The story he recounts involves a former Israeli prime minister. He doesn’t name the official, but I thought it might be Ariel Sharon or Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli conservatives. When I asked him about it on Sunday, he told me it was Shimon Peres, currently serving as Israel’s president. Read about it here.