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Obama Gets Hammered

January 22, 2008

I’m amazed at the extent of fire being directed at Barack Obama tonight by both Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. Clinton isn’t taking any prisoners. She’s invoked¬†“slumlord” Tony Resko¬†and hit him over the number of votes he missed in the Illinois legislature.

Strategically, I think she’s preparing for the road after South Carolina. She’s probably fairly certain that Obama will take the state. That’s why she’s headed West after tonight’s debate. But she wants to both soften him up — leaving her husband in South Carolina will help do that — and discredit his victory as being one achieved on ethnic grounds (given the large percentage of South Carolina’s Democratic vote that is African-American.)

Edwards, uncharacteristically, is also going after Obama over his health care plan, habit of voting present in Illinois, and his receipt of donations from health care concerns.