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Obama Gets Hammered

January 22, 2008

I’m amazed at the extent of fire being directed at Barack Obama tonight by both Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. Clinton isn’t taking any prisoners. She’s invoked “slumlord” Tony Resko and hit him over the number of votes he missed in the Illinois legislature.

Strategically, I think she’s preparing for the road after South Carolina. She’s probably fairly certain that Obama will take the state. That’s why she’s headed West after tonight’s debate. But she wants to both soften him up — leaving her husband in South Carolina will help do that — and discredit his victory as being one achieved on ethnic grounds (given the large percentage of South Carolina’s Democratic vote that is African-American.)

Edwards, uncharacteristically, is also going after Obama over his health care plan, habit of voting present in Illinois, and his receipt of donations from health care concerns.

Post South Carolina Election Analysis

January 21, 2008

Here’s a link to some of my Election Night analysis on NECN.

Election Night Analysis on NECN

January 19, 2008

I will be an analyst on tonight’s NECN Election Night coverage, 8 – 10 p.m.

Barack Obama and the African-American Vote

January 10, 2008


Hillary Clinton’s victory in New Hampshire came on the backs of a fabulous field organization (a Manchester component made up of Mayor Menino’s political foot-soldiers) who had something to work with. The wave of sympathy for Clinton as an embattled woman.

Going into South Carolina where African-Americans comprise 50% of the Democratic vote, it’s possible that Clinton’s comments about the relative contributions of Martin Luther King and Lyndon Johnson to the civil rights movement could do the same thing among Black voters. Until now, many in the African-American community, particularly older folks, have had questions about Obama, the son of a white Kansan and a Kenyan father.

A reverend and New York Assemblyman, who has endorsed Obama, Karim Camara, told me yesterday he was deluged with calls from constituents and other elected officials stunned by her comments. Camara will go down to South Carolina later this month for Obama and expects to be talking about Clinton with the religious leaders he meets with. “I believe churches are very sensitive to the language we use,” Mr. Camara said. “This can have a tremendous impact in increasing their level of churches in going out and supporting Senator Obama.”

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