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Robert Casey on McCain Ads

August 26, 2008

I caught up with Robert Casey of Pennsylvania earlier today.

Senator Casey of Pennsylvania is suggesting that John McCain get a refund from his campaign consultant for his campaign ads. Asked about potential Republican attacks, Casey, who served as a surrogate for Mr. Obama in heavily Catholic and blue collar territory, unleashed his fury, a common reaction of Democrats in Denver.

“I’m always wary of what they might try. They’ve got the best fear and smear operation in American history. You need to be cognizant of what they’re trying to do to Senator Obama,” Casey said “If you try to fear and smear your way to the presidency, it ain’t going to work. Some of John McCain’s ads have been so over the top and pathetic, he literally should ask for his money back from his consultant because they’re just not going to work.”

Casey, whose father served as a governor of Pennsyvlania, said that Mr. Obama’s running mate, Senator Biden of adjacent Delaware, would be an asset in his state and throughout the industrial Midwest. “I think it helps enormously. It helps certainly in northeastern Penn. Senator Biden has real roots there,”  Casey said, adding that Biden also had appeal in western Pennsylvania as well as the Philadelphia area. “His ability to talk directly about economic issues will be very important for southwestern Pennsylvania.”

Edwards and Obama

May 15, 2008

John Edwards endorsement of Barack Obama raises the immediate question of an Obama-Edwards ticket. I don”t buy it.

While plenty of structural reasons militated for yesterday’s endorsement, such as the fact that both Edwards in ’04 and Obama in ’08 relied up strategist David Axelrod, Edwards likely won’t be on a Democratic ticket with Obama.

Edwards was not an asset to John Kerry, whose top supporters still carry resentment towards the lawyer who couldn’t carry his home state of North Carolina. Edwards can’t help Obama in the South, where John McCain will win. And he hasn’t won white voters since 1998.

If shoring up Obama’s shortcomings on military affairs and foreign policy weren’t such an important need, I’d expect Obama to turn to a politician who could help with them. Prime candidates include Robert Casey of Pennsylvania and Jim Webb of Virginia.

Counting on Casey

April 22, 2008

I spent some time talking to Robert Casey, a pro-life Democrat who is doing everything he can to get Barack Obama elected. Here’s my column in the New York Sun.

“If Barack Obama is to win Pennsylvania today or in November as the party’s eventual nominee, it will be, in part, due to the work of a Pennsylvania senator, Robert Casey Jr.

The image of Mr. Casey, standing atop a Scranton hill wearing a windbreaker and speaking in favor of Mr. Obama, is being shown in heavy rotation in western Pennsylvania for a television ad. The emphasis of the ad is on the presidential candidate’s ability to revive the economy and unite the country.

Mr. Casey, who was elected as a senator in 2006, is a pro-life Democrat. His support of Mr. Obama shows that the Illinois senator can reach beyond the support of African-Americans and white liberals. On Friday, Mr. Casey stood on stage at a rally outside Heinz Field in Pittsburgh with former members of the Pittsburgh Steelers who played in the 1970s and early 1980s, when they won four superbowls. The popularity of the team during that time made it possible for Pennsylvanians to transcend ethnic, religious, and political divides.

‘This crowd is young and old and white and black and focused on the future,’ Mr. Casey said to cheers from the audience as he stood beside legendary running back Franco Harris.’ “