Drew O’Brien Reenlists With John Kerry

Andrew O’Brien, the politically saavy deputy chancellor of the University of Massachusetts-Boston, will be the new state director of John Kerry’s Massachusetts senate office. O’Brien held essentially the same job from 2003 to 2005.

Here’s what Kerry said about O’Brien in a statement. “Drew O’Brien is an incredibly talented public servant who cares deeply about Massachusetts, and I’m thrilled to have him back,” Senator Kerry said. “Drew’s record in Massachusetts is outstanding. From working with Mayor Menino to improve services for all of Boston’s neighborhoods, to helping keep UMass Boston as one of the best universities in the country, Drew’s commitment has made a difference. He has done a wonderful job helping me serve the people of Massachusetts, and I am happy to welcome him back to our family.”

This appointment puts to rest speculation that, with the disappointment of his 2004 defeat, Kerry would tire from Senate drudgery and choose not to run again. The fact that O’Brien, a knowledgeable and skilled political insider, would sign on with Kerry suggests that the junior senator from Massachusetts will now follow the model of the state’s senior senator and work at being the best senator he can be. I’m sure it’s a huge disappointment for members of the Commonwealth’s now resurgent congressional delegation though.

O’Brien will likely report for duty in June.

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