Counting on Casey

I spent some time talking to Robert Casey, a pro-life Democrat who is doing everything he can to get Barack Obama elected. Here’s my column in the New York Sun.

“If Barack Obama is to win Pennsylvania today or in November as the party’s eventual nominee, it will be, in part, due to the work of a Pennsylvania senator, Robert Casey Jr.

The image of Mr. Casey, standing atop a Scranton hill wearing a windbreaker and speaking in favor of Mr. Obama, is being shown in heavy rotation in western Pennsylvania for a television ad. The emphasis of the ad is on the presidential candidate’s ability to revive the economy and unite the country.

Mr. Casey, who was elected as a senator in 2006, is a pro-life Democrat. His support of Mr. Obama shows that the Illinois senator can reach beyond the support of African-Americans and white liberals. On Friday, Mr. Casey stood on stage at a rally outside Heinz Field in Pittsburgh with former members of the Pittsburgh Steelers who played in the 1970s and early 1980s, when they won four superbowls. The popularity of the team during that time made it possible for Pennsylvanians to transcend ethnic, religious, and political divides.

‘This crowd is young and old and white and black and focused on the future,’ Mr. Casey said to cheers from the audience as he stood beside legendary running back Franco Harris.’ “

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